10 Years of TIB

May 11, 2023

Today is the 10-year Anniversary of the first post I ever published as throat-it-boy on Tumblr. Unfortunately, that post was deleted in December 2018 when Tumblr made the decision to ban all pornographic content. This is roughly what it looked like:

It’s been quite a journey ever since! With 10 years behind me, I thought I’d share some of the brief history around how this all got started.

I had been filming boys sucking my huge cock since at least 2004. But I always did so under verbal contract that I would encrypt it on my hard drive and never share it with anyone.

In fact, the first few videos I shot with Boy1 were under that same agreement. I had no intention of publishing it when it was shot. Porn on Tumblr was taking off like wildfire and, one night, Boy1 was on a ship horny as fuck, chatting with me. For some reason it occurred to me to ask him, “What do you think about sharing our videos on Tumblr and XTube?” When he said, “Fuck yeah” it was off to the races.

I wouldn’t have been nearly as successful in those early days but for two fortunate events. First, I friended yepsizematters. He had many tens (hundreds?) of thousands of followers. And he reposted literally everything I published, which grew my follower base quickly. Second, I met Boy3, and shot what is still some of my most iconic, hood-free content. He was such a beautiful, young, obedient, skilled, talented cocksucker boy, and my audience loved him.

It’s been quite a ride ever since! Here’s to another 10 years and another 50 boys! 🍆💦