August 27, 2015

I get requests from fans all the time suggesting that I sell the t-shirt I had made. I don’t feel right about selling them. The boys are the real stars in my videos and they kneel before my cock in service ‘cause they hunger for it, not to get paid. So I’ve decided instead to share the site I bought the shirt from and instructions on how to customize it:

  1. Start with the original design
  2. Sadly, you’ll need a Flash capable browser, e.g. Chrome
  3. Click on Customize this Design
  4. Under Front: Add Text: Text: Type your text here
  5. Change YOUR TEXT to THROAT IT
  6. Scroll down one line
  7. Change HERE to BOY
  8. Click on Center Text
  9. Click on Back
  10. Under Back: Add Text: Text: Type your text here
  11. Leave the first text field blank
  12. In the second text field from the top, type throat-it-boy.com
  13. Change Size to 17
  14. Click on Center Text
  15. Change Color to White
  16. Pick your Size, Quantity, and Color
  17. Click Add to Cart