The Countdown Game

May 7, 2023

My videos are not scripted, and as a result, every so often I stumble across something novel while filming. Such was the case with “The Countdown Game” from Boy20: NOLA Countdown Reunion.

The rules of the game are straightforward. The cocksucker throats my cock in a steady rhythm with a challenging progression.

For the 1-count, I bury my cock balls deep in the cocksucker’s throat, hold it for as long as I desire, and then pull out fully. If the cocksucker succeeds, and he usually does, we move on.

For the 2-count, I thrust deep twice in steady succession, then hold the 2nd stroke balls deep for as long as I like, and only then pull out fully. If the cocksucker can do this without prematurely pulling off my cock, spitting up, etc., then we continue.

As the count gets higher and higher (yes, astute fans have pointed out that I should have called it “The Countup Game”, oh well, damage done) I will often let the cocksucker decide when he’s ready for the next stroke series. This adds an element of surprise, some hot gasping for air, and improves his odds of success, which makes the whole thing just that much more fun.

So who wins the game? Whichever party doesn’t have to stop. And at that point, we’ll often start over from 1. So if the cocksucker gets me so close to cumming that I have to pull out prematurely, he wins. And if the boy can’t take every stroke deep and hold it for as long as I demand, well, then I win.

Many of my fans—cocksucker and feeder alike—have taken “The Countdown Game” home to their own bedrooms. If you do this, and especially if you film and share it, please @mention my Twitter in your post.