If you’re a fit twink or muscle jock and know you can match the dedicated cock-worship of my boys then hit me up. I love pushing limits so be careful what you sign up for; I’ll hold you to it.

WARNING The list below is exhaustive. If you think you are talking with me and you aren’t using one of the following communication channels, you are being duped by an imposter. I do not have an online application process and my boys are not paid. If someone is promising you money, they are lying to you.


  • Email (this is my preferred method of communication)
  • iMessage

Social Media


  • Snap throatitbxxxy (formerly throatitboy) — I can only use the desktop-only web interface so this is not a great way to contact me. I also cannot send/receive snaps.
  • Telegram throatitboy
  • Skype throat-it-boy
  • Kik throatfukker (please don’t use this if you can avoid it)

Porn Sites

Hookup Sites

  • Grindr Search for Age 46 Weight 200 lbs Height 6’5″ Tribes Daddy Body Type Muscular Position Top Ethnicity White Looking For Right Now; then scan for my red throat-it-boy t-shirt (before meeting me, ask for an audio message to prove it’s really me)
  • The Blowers throat-it-boy
  • DudesNude throat-it
  • Recon throatitboy
  • Adam4Adam throat-it-boy